With Hire-a-linen meeting all your linen needs,
you can simply focus on what you do best
—taking care of your business—


Renting our products is easier than managing your own inventory and maintaining an in-house laundry facility with no capital investment-.


It can also save your business money each month as you can easily adjust your linen and laundry demands during peak and off-seasons of the year.


The convenience of using an in-house laundry facility for hotel bedding and linen needs is easily overshadowed by the benefits we offer guests, including customized products, services, and delivery schedules.

Environmentally Compliant

Hire-a-linen offers a convenient and environmentally sensitive alternative to paper products and eliminates
the worry and hassles of handling soiled and contaminated linen. Hire-a-linen also helps your workplace comply with strict
government standards which regulates occupational exposure to blood borne pathogens. Additionally, we retain an
independent Infection Control Practitioner, who is on staff at a major hospital, to inspect our facility on a
regular basis to ensure your entire inventory is properly cleaned and sanitized.

How We Clean


Linens are washed at 160° F.


We use chlorine bleach and sharp PH drops to further assure sanitized linen. Our PH range is PH 11 to PH 5.5.


Wash cycles, time, water temperature, and chemicals are electronically controlled.


After processing, clean linen is sealed in plastic for added protection.


Employees receive regular blood borne pathogen training and
are offered Hepatitis "B" vaccinations.


Protective equipment is properly maintained
and sanitized daily.